Terms and Conditions:

  • Only one cat per household will be assisted at the subsidised rate.   Further cats can be desexed through us for a reduction off the full price.
  • I understand that I must be the owner of the cat to qualify for the subsidised rate, and that I can not use my Community Services Card, Student ID (tertiary) or Senior's Gold Card to help someone else without a card get discounted desexing.  I also understand that as a result, I must be the one dropping off the cat, and that I am happy to show my ID again if requested.
  • Second Chance Kitties accepts no responsibility for injury or death of any cat or kitten during or after surgery.
  • I understand that Second Chance Kitties solely provides financial assistance for desexing, and that any follow up care or illness resulting from the desexing will be the financial responsibility of the owner.
  • It is Second Chance Kitties policy only to pay a portion of the desexing costs
  • Second Chance Kitties reserves the right to decline an application and also reserves the discretionary right to make contact and discuss the application further prior to approval being given.
  • Second Chance Kitties receives no government funding.  All monies raised to establish and maintain the fund have been from donations and fundraising.
  • I understand that my cat must be at least 1500g in weight to be desexed, or 4 months old.
  • I understand that once my cat's booking is confirmed, I can not cancel and I may not be able to receive a refund.